1983 Feb. M.A. degree in Applied Art, Ewha Womans University, Seoul Korea Master’s Thesis: “A Study on Conventional Expression of Flowers”
1981 Feb. B.A. degree in Applied Art, Ducksung Womans University, Seoul Korea
1994 Sep. – 1995 July Studied Knitting and Printing for credits, Department of Fashion Design, Northurmbria University, Newcastle. England
1994 Sep. – 1995 July Studied Textiles course for 1 year, Department of Textile Design, Newcastle College, England


2006 Oct. – 2008 Oct. Lecturer, Culture Centre of The Korea Times Daily Education, Canada
1996 Mar. – 2002 Feb. Part-time Lecturer, Mokpo National University, Korea
1984 Mar. – 1988 Feb. Part-time Lecturer, Buchun Junior college, Korea
1993 Mar. – 1994 Feb. Part-time Lecturer, Baekje Art Junior College, Korea
1986 Mar. – 1987 Feb. Part-time Lecturer, Chonbuk National University, Korea
1988 Mar. – 1990 Feb. Part-time Lecturer, Mokpo Junior College, Korea
1985 Mar. – 1987 Feb. Part-time Lecturer, Inchun Junior College, Korea


2007-present Exhibition as a member of KASC (Korean Artists’ Society of Canada), Canada
2000 Dec. 13-20 Exhibition as an Invited Artist, “Flower and fiber Exhibition”
Gallery Blue, Seoul, Korea
1996 Dec. 2002 Exhibition as a member of “Contemporary Dye Artist Association” Seoul, Korea
1991 Jan. 2002 Exhibition as a member of “Korean Craft Council” group, Seoul Korea
1995 Oct. 14-21 The 1st Solo Exhibition, (Hand Made Paper) Durham, UK
1995 Oct. 31-11, 7 The 2nd Solo Exhibition, (Drawing, Printing, Paper works, and Batik), Durham, UK
1995 July 3-10 NCFE Exhibition, Trevelyan Building, Newcastle College, England
1987 June – 1996 Exhibition as a member of “Artists’ Society of Korea” (craft part), Seoul, Korea
1984 Mar. – 2002 Exhibition as a member of “E-YUM Dyeing Craft” group, Seoul, Korea
1981 Mar. – 2002 Exhibition as a member of “WONMI” group, Seoul, Korea


Gold Medal from Art Exhibition of Universities
Il-Boong Literature Award (art part)
‘98 Hunansulhun culture Award (textile craft part)
Got many awards from Art Exhibitions and drew many book covers and illustrations