1990 B.F.A. DongDuk Women’s University
1993 M.F.A. Graduate School of DongDuk Women’s University

Present Korean Artist’s Society of Canada / Korean Fine Arts Association
The Women’s Association for Korean Painting DongDukWon Group, MokHwa Group


2014 The 9th Solo Exhibition (Dufferin Clark Library)
2010 The 8th Solo Exhibition (Tokyo convention center)
2008 The 7th Solo Exhibition (Seoul Art center)
2007 The 6th Solo Exhibition (WooBong Art Museum)
240 Korean Artists, Visit in Japan by NAAF
2005 34th SI-GONG Group Exhibition (Danwon Art Gallery)
2000 The 3rd Solo Exhibition (SEAF-Seoul Arts Center)
1992, 1993 the 1st, 2nd Solo Exhibition (KwanHoon Gallery)


2014 Spring Exhibition (Dosan Art Gallery in Canada)
2014 Arirang Gala (Le Park Conference and Banquet Centres in Canada)
2012 Spring & Woman (Dosan Art Gallery in Canada)
2009 Busan International Art Fair (Busan Cultural Center)
2008 The Little Work of ART festival, Exhibition of Memorial for The Beijing Olympics
2008 Invitation Exhibition of Gangnam Artists (O2 Gallery) Exhibition for 40 Year Anniversary of DongDuk Painting University (KongPyung Art Center), Sigong Group Exhibition (Sejong Center)
2007 The 14th DongDukWon Group Exhibition (DongDuk Art Gallery), Vision 2007 Young Artist Festival (Seoul Metro Museum), Sino-Korean Oil Painting Invitation Exhibition (china Ningbo exhibition hall), Sigong Group Exhibition (MunHwa Gallery)
2006 Si-Gong Group Exhibition (China WeiHa Museum), Horizon and Prospect of Korean Contemporary Paintings (Philadelphia Cheltenham Art Center)
2005 The 1st Seoul Young Artist biennial (Seoul Museum of Art), The 13th Won Exhibition
2002 The Women’s Association Exhibition for Korean Painting (Sejong Center)
2000 Exhibition for 50 Years Anniversary of DongDuk University (KongPyung Art Center)
1999 BASIMI Exhibition (DongDuk Art Gallery)
1998 DongDukWon Group Exhibition (DongDuk Art Gallery)
1997 21st Century Ground Level Exhibition (Art Center), MokHwa Exhibition (KwanHoon Gallery)
1996 The 7th Won Exhibition (SamJung ArtSpace), 30th Korean Fine Arts Association Exhibition (Seoul Arts Center), HaetGui Exhibition (KwanHoon Gallery)
1995 The 6th Won Exhibition (InDeKo Gallery), ‘95 Fine Art Festival of Korean Young Artist (KongPyung Art Center), 35 years of DONG-DEOK ART EXHIBITION (KongPyung Art Center), Today’s Korean Arts Exhibition (Seoul Arts Center), The 3rd JungSun Arari Exhibition JungSun Cultural and Arts Center)
1994 The 5th Won Exhibition (InDeKo Gallery), DodUm Exhibition (Kyungin Art Museum)
1993 Nature and spirit of Korea painting Exhibition (Art Center), DongDukWon Group Exhibition (InDeKo Gallery)

1992 now from Past and Future Exhibition (Fine Arts Center), The 18th INDENDANTS Exhibition (The National Museum of Contemporary Art), Exhibition of ~ The Speech of the New Generation and the Scene” (SamPoong Gallery), The 2nd Exhibition of “The Spread of Senses”(Hooln Gallery), In to Out Exhibition (KwanHoon Gallery)
1991 Korea Painting Properties of Matter and the Spirit of the Times Exhibition (Art Hall), In to Out Exhibition (KwanHoon Gallery), The 1st Exhibition of “The Spread of Senses”
(Kyongin Art Museum), 19 Artists Exhibition (Hooln Gallery)
1990 Graduate Student Exhibition of DongDuk Women’s University – Korean Style Painting (DongDuk Art Gallery)