Cha, Irene YK


1986 Graduated from Seoul High School of Music and Art
1990 Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea
1994 Master’s Degree in Fine Art, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea
1996-1999 Lecturer of Fine Art at the KAFA (Korean Air Force Academy)
2000-2003 Lecturer at the Adcor Art Institution in Toronto
2003-2004 Lecturer at the Korea Daily Newspaper Academy in Toronto
2003-present Founder of CHA Art Space
2003-present Lecturer at the AFA (Adult Fine Art group) in Toronto
2009-2010 Art columnist of “We” Korean Magazine in Toronto
2020-2021 President of KASC


2008 Toronto Art Expo- Solo Exhibition (Metro Convention Centre, Toronto)
1997 The 1st Solo Exhibition (Kwanhoon Art Hall, Seoul Korea)
2004-2022 14th -31th Annual Exhibition of Korean Artist’s Society of Canada
Paper Mill Gallery, Joseph D.Carrier Art Gallery, Dosaan Art Gallery
(Toronto,Chicago, Los Angeles, Seoul)
2015 ‘Endless Blessing’ Four Artist Exhibition (Carrier Gallery Columbus Centre)
2010 ‘Blossoming Washington Pear’(Embassy of Republic of Korea Washington DC)
2009 12 Artist Group Exhibition (Cedar Ridge Gallery, Toronto)
2009 Incheon Global Cities Arts Exchange Exhibition (Incheon, Korea)
2008 ‘Yard’ Chicago Korean American Art Association Exhibition
(Space Gallery, Chicago)
2008 ‘The Color of Life’(Thoreau Macdonald House, Toronto)
2007 New York Art Expo (Javits Convention Center in Manhattan, New York)
Outside is winter’ (Arta Gallery, Toronto)
1999 Invitation Group Art show (Sun Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
1998 “Chareem” Group Fine Art Exhibition (Kwanhoon Art Hall, Seoul)
1996 “Eseo ” Group Fine Art Exhibition (Fine Art Center – Korea culture &
Art Foundation of Modern Art, Seoul)
1991-1995 “Jin eye” Group Fine Art Exhibition(Samjung Gallery,Kwanhoon Art Hall)
1992-1996 ” Seece” Group Fine Art Exhibition (Dansung Gallery, Seoul)
1994 The 20th Seoul Contemporary Art Festival (Fine Art Center – Korea culture
& Art foundation of Modern Art, Seoul)
1993 Art Festival of Fine Artists (Backsang Gallery, Seoul)
1993 The Exhibition of Alumni of Seoul high school of Music and Art’s 40th
Anniversary ( Hangaram Museum,Seoul )

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