Choi, Kook Kang


Abstract Artist
Specializing in wood sculpting
Also works with various media including fabric and leather

1966 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Department of Applied Arts, College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
1962 Graduated Sook Myung Women’s High School
1944.3.12 Born in Shanghai, China; Raised in Korea


2010 Solo Exhibition, Toronto
2008 – 2009 Head Administrator of the Korean Artists’ Society of Canada (KASC)
2000 “Women’s Voice” Artist and grant recipient at The New World Millennium Exhibition
1998 – Present Participated in various fundraising art shows, supporting local Korean community organizations
1997 – Present Featured in the Korean Central Daily and Korea Times Daily newspapers
1995 – 2000 Solo works displayed at the International Furniture Show in Toronto
1994 – Present frequent participant in various invitational exhibitions in Canada, Chicago, Los Angeles, and InCheon Korea
1992 – Present Active member and exhibitor at all KASC annual exhibitions since inception
1989 – Present Interior Design Consultant, Principal of Studio C
1986 Bestowed Ministry of Education’s Letter of Appreciation, Korea (For the Education of the Second Generation Children)
1982 – 1991 Freelance Calligraphists (English Characters)
1980-1985 Teacher and Principal Durham Seagoing Korean School
1964 -1965 Selected for the Korean National Art Exhibition


1971 Immigrated to Canada