023 KASC Annual general meeting

2023KASC annual meeting
Date: NOV.25.2023
Location: Sariwon, Thornhill

On NOV.25 , we had a KASC annual meeting & end of the year party. We had a great time with lots of food, fun games and great prizes.Thank you very much to those who came to the meeting. Sunmi Jung was elected as the 17th presidant next year.

지난 11월25일 KASC 회원들은 맛있는 음식과 즐거운 게임, 그리고 푸짐한 상품과 함께
즐거운 년말 총회 및 년말 송년회를 갖었습니다. 다
년말 총회 및 년말 송년회에 참석해 주신 모든분들께 감사드립니다. 17대 회장으로 정선미 선생님께서 선출되셨습니다.