Art Talk 수다방 #6

Art Talk 수다방 #6

Who: 김진희 Genie Kim
When: Tuesday, June 18th 10:30AM-12:00PM
Where: Laird Art Gallery

Please join us for an ‘Art Talk 수다방‘ with Genie Kim.
Come learn about her art practices, ask questions and get inspired.
This event is for KASC members only.

The Art of Motherhood

– 김진희 Genie Kim –

Genie Kim, an accomplished artist with a BFA from Hongik University School of Fine Arts in Seoul, South Korea, has distinguished herself in the art world with her unique approach to painting and ceramics. Her notable solo exhibitions include “Floating Through Memory” at Galerie l’Onyx, Montreal, and “Mother Tree – Healing Flowers” at Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, showcasing her deep exploration of memory and nature.

Kim’s work has been recognized and celebrated across various group exhibitions and art fairs, from the Carnegie Craft 2023 to the Artist Project Contemporary Art Fair in Toronto, reflecting her broad appeal and the resonant themes of her art.

Her awards include Honourable Mentions at Carnegie Craft 2023 and Guelph Art on the Street 2022, Best in Show at Riverdale Art Walk and Artfest Toronto Distillery Fall Show in 2019, and the Hon. Glen Murray MPP Special Award at the Cabbagetown Arts & Crafts Festival in 2016. These accolades underscore Kim’s ability to connect with audiences through her artistic expression, merging traditional techniques with contemporary themes.

Artist Statement
In my artwork, I employ acrylic Gouache to emulate traditional Korean paints, creating textures and colors different from Western art. My creations start with a whimsical joy, evolving into a nostalgic reflection, highlighted by a non-Western visual style that balances light-heartedness with introspection. Central to my work is the healing power of art, offering both playful and thought-provoking imagery. This theme is consistent in my ceramics, extending my painting’s motifs into three-dimensional forms. Crafted in my home studio, each ceramic piece is hand-pinched and painted, integrating the visual elements that define my art, and reinforcing the duality of whimsy and longing present in my creations.